The eBS Next for Windows Purchasing System is by far the most comprehensive in the industry and is fully integrated to Accounts Payable. A unique built-in feature allows the Purchasing System to be used as a standalone system or to have it completely integrated with other areas within the system.
The Purchasing System can be used to write PO's for everything from office supplies to equipment. There are four different categories available when creating a purchase order; General, Shop (linked to an open work order segment), Parts, and Equipment. Once opened, a purchase order can be modified as often as you like, and transmitted electronically, faxed, or emailed, all without printing a single piece of paper.

The Purchasing System allows for partial receipts, printing a receiver each time, this document interfaces with Accounts Payable and the user is alerted if the purchase price does not equal the received price.


  •    Easy Access to All Open Orders
  •    Interfaced to Parts and Equipment Inventory
  •    Interfaced to Accounts Payable
  •    Interfaced to Vendor Master
  •    Interfaced to Service Management
  •    On-line Entry and Editing of PO's and Receipts
  •    Assign Attributes and their Costs to Equipment at PO Creation
  •    Automatic Assignment of PO Numbers
  •    On-line Inquiry of PO's and Receipt History
  •    Orders May be Modified or Cancelled Prior to Receiving
  •    Allows for Receipt of Partial Shipments
  •    Easily Track Open POs
  •    Easily Track Expected Receipts
  •    Online Stock Order Analysis and PO Creation
  •    Microsoft SQL Database™

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