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eBS dedicates itself to providing 100% client satisfaction and we do so by developing a solid, progressively developed Business Management System as well as providing well trained, knowledgeable, industry trained technical support staff when needed.  This is why many of our clients have been with us for over 40 years.

So, not only do we provide 360° user friendly, state of the art, affordable Business Management Solutions, ranging from small businesses to large companies, but we also have the best support and technical team in the industry.  

See what our clients are saying about eBS:  

“We went with EBS and Next for Windows because your company quoted one-third the implementation time your competitors quoted.”

“Your system was ready to go, there were no holes to fill, it was just a matter of converting our data and training our people, and we were live and moving forward.”

“When it comes to the accounting side of the program and how the data is handled it is absolutely and unequivocally the expertise of your support team, which has helped make things connect for us so in essence we have a high level of confidence in their ability to resolve our issues.”

“We chose EBS because of the power of the Financial Report Writer that comes standard with the system. We get exactly what we want and need in regards to financial performance so we can make sound and informed business decisions.”

“I just wanted to say thanks again to your support team, they always seem to get the job done, and are always pleasant in doing so.” “They are the kind of people that makes companies great.”

“Your Field Service Automation has greatly improved our efficiency and profitability. Our Techs report the system saves each of them ten hours per week, and those guys don’t normally praise anything.”

“It used to take us two weeks to train new hires to use our system, with Next for Windows; new hires are ready to work day one.”

“EBS gives us everything we need to run our business. We don’t need a separate system for rental, dispatch, or accounting; Next for Windows offers what we need in every department.”

“The ASP lets a small company like us use the same system as the bigger guys for a reasonable all-inclusive monthly fee.”

“Next for Windows has allowed us to fully implement our OEM’s strategic pricing initiative; this has amounted to $200,000 in additional profit per quarter on the same sales volume.”



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What can we do for YOU Contact Us and let's get the ball rolling!