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  • Next for Windows

    eBS offers the industry-proven, real-time business application, Next for Windows SQL, a turnkey Enterprise Distributor Business System that is designed to provide your business with timely and accurate information relating to all of your business activities. All areas of NFW are fully interactive, allowing instant access to information necessary for control and decision support at all levels of your organization. 

  • Mobile Service Call

    eBS Customer Self Service Portal (CSSP) allows your end customer to put in a service call, a support ticket, request a rental pick up, view invoices and much more, from anywhere they do business. In the age of instant gratification we all have to ensure our customers get the best service, any time, any where.


  • eSign

    The Newest installation to the eBS Mobile Suite is eSign. With eSign your company can collect Parts delivery,Rental Order, Rental Check Out, and Check In information digitally through use of web,  Android or iOS mobile applications. This includes legal ease, signature capture, pictures, and GPS Coordinates. Contact eBS today to find out more about how we can make your business more profitable. 713.939.1000

  • In House

    eBS Next for Windows SQL, In House, same great software for those that decide that running and maintaining a server at their location is the best. 


  • Cloud

    We designed and built our eBS Cloud's infrastructure to offer the highest level of resiliency, security, performance and service available on the market today.

  • eBS Web & Mobile Apps Suite

    Want to allow your business to take off, our suite of web and mobile applications will do just that. Keep you and your customers in business anywhere and everywhere.